Gay Marketing Statistics


Gay Marketing Statistics

When considering to take your brand to the next level by marketing it to this lucrative community, there are some interesting facts to consider.
The following stats have been take from the LBM Gay Consumer Profile 2012.

  • 10% of the South African population is gay which is roughly 4.9 million people, currently not being targeted by the majority of main stream advertisers.
  • 96% of respondents paid more attention to gay ads.
  • 92.5% of the respondents said they would consciously support advertisers who made use of gay publication or media.
  • The term “DINK” Dual Income No Kids, means that this demographic have more disposable income.
  • Being early adaptors, means they are eager to try new brands and are usually the first to do so.
  • 59% of respondents considered themselves brand loyal.
  • 76% said they would support brands who advertised within the pink media.
  • 83% said they would like to see more brands identifying with them.
  • 57% felt they were being ignored as consumers by main stream advertisers.
  • 45% felt that they were inaccurately portrayed by the media.

The top 20 owned luxury brands are : Apple, Levis, Diesel, Guess, Samsung, Prada, Sony, Calvin Klein, Tag Heuer, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Armani, Blackberry, Fossil, Gucci, Hugo Boss, LG, Nike, Ray Ban and Mont Blanc.

The most astounding result from this survey is that 81% of respondents make regular online purchases! Online brands should take note!
So what does this mean? It means that brands need to start utilising, identifying and communication with this niche demographic and of course use Lunch Box Media to make sure you get  recipe right!

Psssst…and we dont even charge agency commission!

To download the “LBM Gay Consumer Survey” please click HERE

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